Thursday, February 16, 2012


This is probably one of my favorite ah-ha moments that God has given to me so far.

I was on the way home from a friends house, it was dark, I was alone, uncomfortable and I wasn't one-hundred percent sure how to get back to my house.  So I turned on my GPS, who I call Fredrick ( yes, I'm a nerd) and typed in my house address.  The GPS planned a route for me, it was one I recognized and was comfortable with so I followed it.  Once I had driven far enough that I new exactly where I was and was comfortable enough driving with-out Fredrick I turned him off and put him back in the passenger seat.

I took control again.

It wasn't two minutes after I had turned the GPS off that I got to thinking...

How often do we do that with God?  The answer is a lot.

We get into situations where we're uncomfortable, unfamiliar, we don't know where to go or what to do, we might even be alone and we decide to turn to God.
We go to church more often, pray a lot more and and probably pick up our Bible again.  We ask Him to plan a route for us to take and preferably one that we are familiar and comfortable with. 

So, He does.  He helps us out, gets us back on our feet and eventually back into a situation that we are "comfortable" with.  
That's when things change.
Once comfortable again, we " turn God off" instead of relying on Him in the good and the bad and when we know what to do and when we don't. 
We put Him back in the passenger seat of our life.

We take control again.

We treat God as a GPS- only when needed.
Instead of treating Him like a GPS we should use Him like we use and need gasoline- and my car uses A LOT of gasoline! ( It's a three quarter ton suburban that get about eleven miles to the gallon which usually feels like one mile every eleven gallons.  It has a name too by the way, Sally.  I know, I know - I'm a nerd ) 
Any ways, we have to have gas to go places whether we are in a familiar neighborhood or not.
We need to be in a relationship with God where we use and rely on Him whether we really think we need to or not.  We need God every day and He wants to guide and direct us every step of the way.

Go to Him, seek Him and ask for directions - He will give them to you.
Be ready to listen and obey, no matter what the directions are - they won't always be easy- but that's another lesson entirely.

Don't treat God like a GPS - Rely on Him always.

Matthew 7:7  "Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you shall find,
knock and the door will be opened to you. "

- O

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  1. Girl, that's such an amazing analogy! Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom with us! I'm going to remember this one :) Really, I'm pretty much blown away by how insightful this is!