Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Hardest Thing I Will Ever Do...

...Walking with Christ.  Yes, the hardest thing I can do but the absolute best thing I will ever do!  It's not only the best thing for me later down the road but also for the here and now.  Every minute spent with Him is every minute I am able to overcome anything this world will throw at me - but only through Him.  Will it cost me at some point?  Yes, but that's not where the story ends.  Yes, I have been called to suffer because Christ suffered, but more than that I am called a saint, an heir and child of THE KING! I am redeemed, forgiven and will always be love more by Him than I will ever be by my husband, children, friends or family.
Is that not awesome or what!!?? A little hard to grasp? Yes, but that is what is amazing about this relationship.  It will never reach a point where I know everything about God. There will always be more to know - more to experience and that excites me!  His love will never run out or run thin. His plan is far bigger and better than anything I can try to dream or even plan.  I have a long way to go but knowing that I can rely on my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, my Daddy who knows more about me than I know about myself, brings me peace and reassurance.  MIND BLOWING I know!! haha

Jesus' love is all we will ever need.  He loves me and He loves you with a literal unchanging, extremely passionate, incomprehensible love!

That's all for now.