Monday, November 28, 2011

Thankfulness (part 3)

I'm thankful for...
(41) ...Chick-Fil-A
(42) ...Aubree Allen...never thought we would of been so close.  *blessed* <3
(43) ...Sunrises and Sunsets
(44)...that God's plan for our life is bigger and better than our greatest dream
(45)...the Davis'
(46)...knowing that God has my future under control
(47)..."Duct Tape Bible"
(48)...the many ways to communicate with eachother
(49) have a car
(50)... Cody and Elizabeth Lain
(51)...the invention of the camera and  for pictures
(52)...God's steadfastness
(53)...and think it so cool that we can use a special trick on our fingers to remember our 9x tables. haha
(54)...for the desire to love...that God has placed in us
(56)...the shear awesomeness of God
(57)...when we call out to God and say "I need you",  He ALWAYS answers!
(58)...the change in the weather
(59)...fellowship with friends over food
(60)...finding a black v-neck t-shirt in time for senior pictures.
(62) everything is better if you can save money on it.
(63)...brain keep our minds from withering away
(64)...empty days that allow me to catch up on school
(65)...the earth being 93 million miles away from the sun...because that is exactly where it need to be : )
(66)..that God designed the family and children to be raised by a mommy and a daddy
(67)...children and their imagination
(68)...that the color of cotton is white...only God could of known that it needed to be that color
(69)...having a nice home
(70)...youth ministers...specifically Cody, Jeff and Josh.
(71)...stars and the night sky
(74)...swimming pools
(75)...Christmas decorations

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thankfulness (part 2)

Things I'm thankful for. (tbc)

(21) I'm thankful for firefighters
(22) ...Jane Austin's books and the movies that have resulted from them
(23)...empty days when I have nothing to do
(24)...the strength God gives me to get up each morning and carry on with another day
(25)...the Allen family <3
(26)...goosebumps ( not the series)
(27)...Hannah Frailey...friends forever : )
(28)...the Lord working in my life
(29)...being a girl
(30)...that I live in a stable home
(31)...nurses, because they have to know a lot
(33)...instruments and the music they create
(34) running water
(36)..."See You At The Pole"
(37)...Cleaning supplies
(39)...the beauty and enjoyment of rainy days
(40)...90.9 kcbi and "The 20 countdown magazine" haha

Saturday, November 26, 2011


I don't know what it is about one o-clock in the morning but I seem to be productive on the computer about that time.

At the beginning of the semester I decided to try and come up with one thing each day to be thankful for. My plan was, and still is, to write it down on a sticky note and place it on my wall. I designed the blue notes to ( hopefully) spell 2012 when I finish the project. : ) So far God had shown me 74 things to be thankful for and by June first ( my graduation date) I hope to have over 200.  With prayer and a determination to experience the many, many things God has given us to be thankful for I hope to continue this project with purpose and a glory for God. 
Gratitude is not thankfulness until expressed. - quote
Be Thankful!

- O


(1) I am thankful for administrators and teacher
(2)...the GPS
(3) ...the continuing advancement of technology
(4) parents staying together for over 27 years! : )
(5)... the ability to conference call
(6)...the simple pleasure and excitement that comes form gathering sea shells
(7)...that Christ feels our gaps and takes our mistakes and uses them for His glory
(8) parents that take the time to guide and help me
(9)...for being healthy
(10)...the opportunity to be on the missions team
(11)...the invention of Ibuprofen
(12)...our troops
(13)...having both arms
(14) live in a country of free religion
(15)...the many beautiful creatures God created
(16)...the unity that two fellow Christians have between each other that comes from the Holy Spirit
(17)...when God reveals parts of His plan to us
(18)... the opportunity to make money
(19)...the fall of man ( I will explain this one sometime)
(20)...the absolute uniqueness of the human body

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The first step...

Okay, I did it.  I finally started a blog.  I'm not 100% sure what I will post about but I know Christ and life will fill these pages.   : ) Oh, this excites me... ( I get excited over the little, even silly things ). Well, I should probably go to bed considering it is almost 1 o'clock in the morning. 

- O