Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Captain Expects Turbulence Ahead


                         Texas                                                             Portland, Oregon    

     “Ladies and Gentlemen please stay seated and keep your seat belt on, the captain expects that there will be turbulence ahead.”  Even with the threat of turbulence the passengers are excited to be in the air after waiting for takeoff.  I’m glad to be in the air.  Leaving is always bittersweet.  Bitter because I will miss exciting events in special people’s lives but sweet because, CANADA!  Specifically Pitt Meadows, British Columbia, Church on the Rock.  I will be spending 10 WEEKS in Pitt Meadows as a summer missionary intern with Church on the Rock doing life with four other interns and learning what a church planter’s life looks like in the North West.  Want to know something?  The Lord has already taught me two things, and I haven’t even left the States!

1)       WE ARE SMALL

     There’s something about being in the air that makes you realize just how small you are (and how much Texas rivers really have flooded).  This brings a new meaning to the saying “We serve a big God.”  People, WE SERVE A BIG God, and I cannot wrap my head around the fact (thank goodness) that He made this tiny world with even tinier people whom He loves, came to be with and died for with the purpose to save.  IT’S CRAZY, CHRISTIANS ARE CRAZY, I’M CRAZY, but it’s true.  A dear friend prayed over me yesterday morning Matthew 6:25-34 and Luke 12:27.  They tell of how our precious Jesus takes care of us.  If He cares for the lilies and the birds, why would He not take care of me!?

  *Thanks Hannah B. for being such a sweet friend and reminding me of truth!  I hope your time in Italy is a gift! 

You cannot see the lilies from the window of an airplane but the Lord can, and He provides for them and He provides for me and you too!  So remember when you prepare to travel and end up having a breakdown/panic attack like I did before leaving, we serve [I serve] a BIG GOD.  When you’re tempted to give in to the addiction just one more time remember, we serve a BIG GOD who cares and understands.  When you don’t know where the money is going to come for your bill remember, we serve a BIG GOD who cares and will take care of you!


Spiritual Warfare, Challenges, Testing

Seatbelts: The Belt of Truth
This is something I keep sensing the Lord preparing me for; turbulence up ahead.  I’m not for sure when, through what or whom, where or how much but He is continuing to push and pull me gently out of my comfortable Christianity and “safety”.  The Spirit is giving me a greater awareness and understanding of just how extreme and counter [Christian] culture a life lived fully for the Lord looks to the world.  I really think that this will be a summer of great growth.  Growth brought through turbulence to which the Captain keeps telling me “keep your seat belt on.”

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Captain expects turbulence up ahead, please keep your seat belt tightly fastened”   Ephesians 6:10-23